Thursday, June 12, 2008

NCA Hero of the Month Award

The first ever NCA Hero of the Month Award goes to my roommate Neil and his special lady friend Bren. Congratulations Neil and Bren on a job well done. On the way home from work yesterday I got a call from Neil telling me there was a fire in the canyon where Teresa's mom lives in Chico. Neil and Bren were heading there to stay for the week and look after the dogs. Well, with the road being closed and no access to the house, Neil thought quickly and had Animal Control go pick up the dogs and bring them out. There is a nice map of the fire's path posted here and articles about the fire here. Teresa's house is just east of the red skinny part of the map.

If the wind continues to blow to the Southwest, then it will likely miss the house, but if there is any kind of shift it might get dicey. As far as the dogs go, they are happily headed to Happy Camp in Northern California. Neil and Bren are taking them to her parent's house for a little R and R. After their vacation stay there, the dogs will come stay with us in Humboldt. At some point we will bring them over to Chico when all the smoke clears.

Thanks for all the support from family and friends and let's just hope that the wind gods decide to take it easy for a while.

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ngarriso said...

Dear Neil and Bren,
Thank you so much for your big hearts and rescing those babies. We always knew you were a great guy Neil but you are our NCA Hero of the month too. You have given Teresa and Marcia one less thing to be worried about. HUGS