Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week in Review

I had a great weekend in Chico with my parents. Teresa and I drove over on Friday morning and met my parents at Marcia's (Teresa's mom) house in Chico. Marcia lives right at the confluence of two beautiful creeks and it was great to relax and watch the salmon jump all weekend. I have no idea why the salmon are jumping, they stop feeding as soon as they hit freshwater from the ocean. I will be doing some research and writing about their life cycle in the next blog. Sat. morning I took my dad out golfing for Father's Day. We had a great time. There's something about golfing with my dad that makes how poorly I'm playing irrelevant.

My mom had a great time bird watching and reading by the creek. She had a new book that was causing her to laugh out loud constantly. It must be a really funny book. Maybe she can let us know the name of it. My mom and Teresa went to the Farmer's Market on Sat. morning and brought home a ton of fresh fruit and Greek flat bread. They made a great lunch. Overall it was a very nice weekend. Thanks to Marcia for letting us stay and for my parents for making the drive all the way up to Chico.

I will be heading to the Salmon River on Friday for a rafting trip. Winzler and Kelly puts a trip on every year and Bio Bio Expiditions are the guides. They are based out of Chile and are first class. The Salmon river is another of the undamned rivers we have up here and is absolutely amazing. The headwaters are all in wilderness areas which means crystal clear water and beautiful scenery. The Sat. trip will be on a class 4 section while on Sun. we will be doing the class 5 Nordheimer section. Darin Mcquoid has a really cool site called Jefferson State Creekin with a great writeup about the Cal Salmon. I will have a full writeup with pics when we get back from the trip.

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